This site hosts a collection of adult HTML5 games. All games are free to play. Source is available, and free to redistribute and/or modify for non-commercial purposes.

Repopulate : Early alpha. See sidebar for latest news.

Daisys Day Off : v1.2 Complete

Daisy decides she is going to go wild today. It is her birthday, and she’s an adult now. Time to try some adult things.
What she’s about to find out is that she’s stuck in some type of time-loop. She has to re-live the day over and over.
Until she gets it right.
Daisy must corrupt, then seduce the men and women she encounters. There are different endings depending on player actions.

Ed The Explorer : v1.0 Complete

Ed has been sent to a remote village to find out why the agricultural shipments have stopped coming. He must find out what happened, and get the food moving again.

Decisions made in this game greatly affect what happens. Playing through a second time could result in all new content, depending on choices made. It is not possible to sleep with every woman in one play-through, but the game will keep track of previous wins. If every woman is seduced (after multiple play-throughs) an extended ending is unlocked.

The Bunker : Beta, Development stopped

It’s 1962, the Cuban missile crises went awry, the bombs are dropping. A family seals themselves off in their personal bombshelter.
But long days underground with nothing to do are boring. What do they do to pass the time?

This was a side project I had been working on. It is discontinued now. I had a hard drive die, and lost all the assets and a fair bit of work. It was not worth the effort to try and reproduce them.

The game is fully playable though. I had originally intended for more content, but there is enough there to consider the game complete(ish). There is no game over/won screen though.