FAQ for Daisys Day Off

1 – Is there a downloadable version? Is the source available?

Yes. Check in the games post.

2 – What are all the possible endings? How do I get them?

  • Pornstar – over 85 Beauty
  • Family Favorite – blackmail George.
  • Hippy Chick – Buy weed.
  • Mr.Durand – always available.
  • Escort Life – Work as a whore more than 6 times in the same day. (Option only available for remainder of that day)
  • Convent – Confess a very long list.
  • Girls Club – Be intimate with every woman.
  • Glory Queen – Use the gloryhole at least 10 times.

3 – How do I get X event for:

  • Shady guy – can be found for sex after drinking too much at the bar. And for oral after taking revenge on Stan. Both of
  • Chan – can be found in the class at school. One when the boys look up her skirt, then follow her to the washroom. The other is found the third time in the same day that she gets a note in class.
  • Doug – First you have to get the incest trait from the guy at the playground in the park.After that you have to make sure Dougs innocence is low. Easiest way to do that is to masturbate with the door open, in the bedroom, a few times.Then visit Dougs room. The second time you visit Dougs room you can choose the option to not believe he is sleeping. Then if both Doug and Daisys innocence is low enough, sex is an option.
  • Brittney – Get the incest trait first. It is found in the playground at the park.
    Then once Brittneys innocence is low enough, choose the “Talk” option in the living room. Then take her place with George.After that is done, on the same day visit her in the livingroom again, and choose “talk” again. This time you can choose a reward. Choose her.