New Game Started “Repopulate”!

I’m active again. I’ve been silent these past few months as I toyed with a few ideas. I spent some time trying out a few concepts that didn’t really work. But now I’ve got something I can get behind.

I have been working on some of the core elements of the game. There is not enough for there to be anything to play, but there is enough to give some idea of what it will be. Here’s an early alpha demo that can be downloaded.

The theme will be rebuilding after a partial apocalypse. Use persuasion, deception, seduction, or violence to navigate the new world. There will be rpg-like combat, but no experience points or grinding. There will also be ways to overcome, or convert hostiles without using direct violence. New skills will be gained through interactions rather than combat. Combat will be a tool, but not the focus of the game. Exploration, interaction, and seduction will be the primary focus. There will be two characters that the player can switch between. One male, one female. The relationship between them can be chosen by the player at the start.

It is not HTML5 this time. It will require a download. I am making it in RenPy, so it will still be cross-platform. Windows, Linus, and Mac. The artwork will be generated by kisekae. That should allow quick and smooth development.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas or suggestions. I will not be advertising this game outside of this site, until it is much closer to release, so I could really use the feedback.

Holy shit, I’m still alive.

Well, despite the lords best efforts, I’m still here. It seems that he set my expiry date for sometime in 2017. But Dr.Awesome stepped in and modern medicine kicked gods ass.

Long story short, after a “failed” recovery, and a long time of not knowing, I’m almost healthy. I am home, and beginning to get things in order. Expect new content soon.

The delay

If you’ve noticed a lack of activity lately, it is due to two reasons.

First, I have begun the new game “Jenny’s Origin”. It is a larger and more ambitious game than the past ones, so getting it to a point where I can release a reasonable demo has taken a fair bit of work and time. I was/am not far from having something to show, but..

Second, I had an unfortunate incident that landed me in the hospital. I have been here for a couple weeks now, and will be here for at least another. So the game has been on hold until i get released.

There is good news though. When I get out I will be in no shape to go back to my day job for a while. That means i will have a lot of time to work on the game. I won’t be capable of doing much else.

So things have been slow, and will continue to be for a bit. But once I start again there should be rapid progress for a while.

So if there were any fears that the project had been abandoned, rest assured that that is not the case. Regularly scheduled programming will resume shortly.

Thanks for your patience.

Welcome to the new site

I’ve registered a domain, and will be hosting the games here from now on.

I will be changing all the old links to the new locations. Saved games will be lost due to the move. If you started a game at the old location, you can still access the game there and use the old save, but you will have to start over if you use the new location.

Links to the old versions: (Do not use if you don’t need to. These links will not be kept up to date or maintained.)


Ed The Explorer -Complete

Ed is sent to a remote village to find out why the agricultural shipments have stopped, and get them moving again.
The game is fairly short, and entirely story driven. But there are some very different ways to get through the game. It would be possible to play a second time through, without seeing the same events. The game is split into two parts. Day and night. There are three different ways to progress to night, and what happens at night depends on how you got there. There are 9 different endings.

Play game Ed The Explorer v1.0


  • WASD, or arrow keys, or right-click, or touch – Move
  • Left-click, or touch – Interact with character/object
  • Drag text – Move text up and down


“Why does your art suck?”

I am not an artist.

I am an amateur programmer with a desire to make games. But I can’t do that without art. After failing to find what I needed elsewhere, I realized I would have to do it myself.

So have been learning. On top of that, quality takes time. I’ve been including a lot of content, and keeping a good pace on writing the game. So the only way to keep up with the art is to do it quickly.

It will get better as I invest more time in some of the upcoming games, and as I learn more. It will get a large boost when I eventually save up enough money for better software/hardware.

Until then, please rely on your imagination to fill in when the art fails.

I will take the needed time to give my best when I begin the art for Jennys Ambition.

Daisys Day Off – Complete

Daisy decides she is going to go wild today. It is her birthday, and she’s an adult now. Time to try some adult things.
What she’s about to find out is that she’s stuck in some type of time-loop. She has to re-live the day over and over.
Until she gets it right.
Daisy must corrupt, then seduce the men and women she encounters. There are different endings depending on player actions.

Contains: mf, group sex, exhibitionism, incest, some rape, some S&M, and many others.

The game has now reached 1.0 which means it is done. There will still be updates for any bug-fixes needed, and possibly some new patreon requested content.

The game is 100% free. Source available in the off-line download. Modify/redistribute as you please, for non-commercial purposes.

Daisys Day Off

Download source/stand alone version


The Bunker

This was a side project I had been working on. It is discontinued now. I had a hard drive die, and lost all the assets and a fair bit of work. It was not worth the effort to try and reproduce them.

The game is fully playable though. I had originally intended for more content, but there is enough there to consider the game complete(ish). There is no game over/won screen though.

The Bunker

Jennys Ambition

Jennys Ambition is a game idea I had when playing with the Phaser library. It began as a simple rpg-style game to learn Javascript and Phaser.

I began to really like the idea of the game and it took a life of its own. But I had a couple problems. First, I had no art. And second, the game had changed so much while writing it, that it needed a rewrite from scratch.

Jenny starts out a pure young woman, but is corrupted as she conquerors the world. She will do it through business, manipulation, corruption and sex.

The game will start much like a sprite based RPG, but without combat. The player will be in control of two units. Jenny, and a male as well. They would have to take quests and perform tasks to earn gold. After that they would be able to purchase property and businesses. They would have to acquire staff, and train them. They can also add/remove staff from the party, and use them in questing.

The town that it takes place in will evolve as the game progresses. NPCs will interact with each other. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. The town will be generally balanced, without Jennys influence. The player can then upset the balance and begin a downward trend toward vice.

Town units, fall in love, have children, grow old and die, as the game progresses. Player units, and staff, do not age.

By corrupting the town, Jenny makes her businesses more successful. And the citizens easier to control.

Game experiment that lead to the idea

  • wasd or arrow keys to move
  • Space – interact/skip
  • C – config units
  • X – stats