New Game Started “Repopulate”!

I’m active again. I’ve been silent these past few months as I toyed with a few ideas. I spent some time trying out a few concepts that didn’t really work. But now I’ve got something I can get behind.

I have been working on some of the core elements of the game. There is not enough for there to be anything to play, but there is enough to give some idea of what it will be. Here’s an early alpha demo that can be downloaded.

The theme will be rebuilding after a partial apocalypse. Use persuasion, deception, seduction, or violence to navigate the new world. There will be rpg-like combat, but no experience points or grinding. There will also be ways to overcome, or convert hostiles without using direct violence. New skills will be gained through interactions rather than combat. Combat will be a tool, but not the focus of the game. Exploration, interaction, and seduction will be the primary focus. There will be two characters that the player can switch between. One male, one female. The relationship between them can be chosen by the player at the start.

It is not HTML5 this time. It will require a download. I am making it in RenPy, so it will still be cross-platform. Windows, Linus, and Mac. The artwork will be generated by kisekae. That should allow quick and smooth development.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas or suggestions. I will not be advertising this game outside of this site, until it is much closer to release, so I could really use the feedback.

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Damn, I had nearly given up on ever seeing content from you again. Looking forward to the game!


So glad to see you active again! Checking out the game ASAP!