Holy shit, I’m still alive.

Well, despite the lords best efforts, I’m still here. It seems that he set my expiry date for sometime in 2017. But Dr.Awesome stepped in and modern medicine kicked gods ass.

Long story short, after a “failed” recovery, and a long time of not knowing, I’m almost healthy. I am home, and beginning to get things in order. Expect new content soon.

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Happy you’re alive, yo


Happy to hear you are back in good health man!


Glad to hear it! Thanks in advance for the great stuff coming


Glad to hear! I’ve been checking regularly for updates. Best wishes from Finland.


Great to know everything is improving!


Dude! So happy you’re doing better.!


Awesome to hear, wish you the best and looking forward to new stuff!


Happy that you’re feeling better dude!

Skinny Pete

Any news on an expected date for any new content? All the best


I will have something to announce in a few days. I’ve begun a game recently that I plan to stick with.
I had been trying out a few things, but was unhappy with the results until now.

Skinny Pete

Awesome! Thanks for the update 🙂


we realy wait for update, thanks u are the best