The delay

If you’ve noticed a lack of activity lately, it is due to two reasons.

First, I have begun the new game “Jenny’s Origin”. It is a larger and more ambitious game than the past ones, so getting it to a point where I can release a reasonable demo has taken a fair bit of work and time. I was/am not far from having something to show, but..

Second, I had an unfortunate incident that landed me in the hospital. I have been here for a couple weeks now, and will be here for at least another. So the game has been on hold until i get released.

There is good news though. When I get out I will be in no shape to go back to my day job for a while. That means i will have a lot of time to work on the game. I won’t be capable of doing much else.

So things have been slow, and will continue to be for a bit. But once I start again there should be rapid progress for a while.

So if there were any fears that the project had been abandoned, rest assured that that is not the case. Regularly scheduled programming will resume shortly.

Thanks for your patience.

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Be well! Hope you have no long term problems from your set back, but glad you’re OK.
I have liked everything you have done, so far, so I can’t wait for JO.



Hope the silence means you’re well and working hard to “catch up”, and not still trying to recover.

Be well,



Unfortunately what it means is there have been further complications. The meds I am on right now make it very hard to program.
So more delays.

Not abandoned. But development is going to be very slow for a while.


Just get well! You have given me hours of fun. Prayers and well wishes are the only way I can repay you.


Sorry to hear about your hospital stay. I hope for a speedy recovery. I’m more than happy to wait for your new game as I really enjoy your work.


Hope you get well soon!!


Are you okay? Its been awhile


How are you getting on? Hope you are recovered.


Hey, man, you doing okay?