Welcome to the new site

I’ve registered a domain, and will be hosting the games here from now on.

I will be changing all the old links to the new locations. Saved games will be lost due to the move. If you started a game at the old location, you can still access the game there and use the old save, but you will have to start over if you use the new location.

Links to the old versions: (Do not use if you don’t need to. These links will not be kept up to date or maintained.)


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Hi S! Commented once on the Bunker and got reply there. Now I have seen you go full ahead, Daisy already finished, plus another game in the making. New website too. Wow! As for small games (Ed) – I could imagine bigger games: did you ever think of a chapter system? One can play chap 1, and with a save, head over to chap 2 (actually another game but with some known and some new chars, continueing story), aso. They would be all-complete, one can play them stand-alone, but it would be more fun to start with first game /… Read more »