Ed The Explorer -Complete

Ed is sent to a remote village to find out why the agricultural shipments have stopped, and get them moving again.
The game is fairly short, and entirely story driven. But there are some very different ways to get through the game. It would be possible to play a second time through, without seeing the same events. The game is split into two parts. Day and night. There are three different ways to progress to night, and what happens at night depends on how you got there. There are 9 different endings.

Play game Ed The Explorer v1.0


  • WASD, or arrow keys, or right-click, or touch – Move
  • Left-click, or touch – Interact with character/object
  • Drag text – Move text up and down


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Hi Sed, i’ve just been playing the new version of Ed’s, and its getting better everytime i try it 🙂 Just a question tho: is it possible for you to implement the use of mouse in order to move Ed on the map? If not its ok, but i usually prefer using the mouse in games. Keep on the good work!


Where is the kid i cant find him i found him once and went to the same location and cant find him again and i went though the entire field inch by inch and i cant get him


After he is found in the field, he moves over to his mother.


How do you fuck the granny??