Daisys Day Off – Complete

Daisy decides she is going to go wild today. It is her birthday, and she’s an adult now. Time to try some adult things.
What she’s about to find out is that she’s stuck in some type of time-loop. She has to re-live the day over and over.
Until she gets it right.
Daisy must corrupt, then seduce the men and women she encounters. There are different endings depending on player actions.

Contains: mf, group sex, exhibitionism, incest, some rape, some S&M, and many others.

The game has now reached 1.0 which means it is done. There will still be updates for any bug-fixes needed, and possibly some new patreon requested content.

The game is 100% free. Source available in the off-line download. Modify/redistribute as you please, for non-commercial purposes.

Daisys Day Off

Download source/stand alone version


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So I’ve been playing for hours and I have everything except oral with George. I’ve done everything I can think of, and given hundreds of blowjobs in the park. Please help!

Congrats on finishing and THANKS for sharing. New engine looks cool, though lack of collision does look strange.


Hello is it possible to get escort ending on version 1.0?


How can you get the sec ending for Herb, Chief and Father Ted?
I can’t figure them out.




How do you have oral with Chan


Nevermind I got it but how to do June?


How can i have sex with Brittney ?


I enjoyed the game. It took me awhile to get a hang of the mechanics of the game system. But that’s just probably because I am slow at that sort of thing. 🙂 I like games such as this where I can become the female protagonist. And I like it too that it doesn’t shy away from rape and NC scenarios at times. I liked the random(?) events (i.e. the person who wants to buy my panties, the cop, the stalker/rapist, etc). I normally would try to just play the virgin/innocent type. But only way I could get all the… Read more »


how can i have sex with dad and brother on the same time ?


I really enjoyed this game, well done! I like the simplicity of the art, allows you to focus on the story too.

What tools did you use to create the renders in this game?


I used TK17 to create the images.
A guide for installing and using it can be found here: https://gist.github.com/tepiai/b6e99db602b2d8ca38bd0a16c161c0c3