Jennys Ambition

Jennys Ambition is a game idea I had when playing with the Phaser library. It began as a simple rpg-style game to learn Javascript and Phaser.

I began to really like the idea of the game and it took a life of its own. But I had a couple problems. First, I had no art. And second, the game had changed so much while writing it, that it needed a rewrite from scratch.

Jenny starts out a pure young woman, but is corrupted as she conquerors the world. She will do it through business, manipulation, corruption and sex.

The game will start much like a sprite based RPG, but without combat. The player will be in control of two units. Jenny, and a male as well. They would have to take quests and perform tasks to earn gold. After that they would be able to purchase property and businesses. They would have to acquire staff, and train them. They can also add/remove staff from the party, and use them in questing.

The town that it takes place in will evolve as the game progresses. NPCs will interact with each other. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. The town will be generally balanced, without Jennys influence. The player can then upset the balance and begin a downward trend toward vice.

Town units, fall in love, have children, grow old and die, as the game progresses. Player units, and staff, do not age.

By corrupting the town, Jenny makes her businesses more successful. And the citizens easier to control.

Game experiment that lead to the idea

  • wasd or arrow keys to move
  • Space – interact/skip
  • C – config units
  • X – stats
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